Inventos sorprendentes, energía libre, prototipos y más…

La avalancha que hay en todo Internet con el tema de la Energía Libre o Free Energy es increíble, cada día aparecen cientos de nuevas webs, paginas, documentos,  esquemas, patentes y vídeos por doquier, mostrando todas estas tecnologías que no gozaban de la popularidad que se merecen, así como tampoco gozan de la simpatía de los MaxMedia, ya que todos estos inventos  “atentan contra el Orden establecido tanto científico y tecnológico, como político y principalmente económico. Hay Intereses creados y arraigados en la sociedad que tratan de impedir que la gente deje de pagar dinero por la energía que consume a todos los niveles, transporte, hogar, alumbrado, calefacción, etc etc etc.

El gran negocio es llevarles a las personas la energía por cables hasta sus hogares, incorporandoles un contador donde vas acumulando una Deuda que cada día se hace más difícil pagar, y donde la forma que se genera esta energía, es anacrónica, cara, destructiva y altamente contaminante y agresora contra el medio ambiente, petroleo, gas, carbón, Energía Nuclear, etc.

Echad un vistazo a estos vídeos porque hay cosas sorprendentes.



Implosion Technology

Schauberger’s Wooden Water Pipe Vortices

River Vortices

YouTube link: Viktor Schauberger’s Flume 

YouTube link: The Extraordinary Nature of Water – Callum Coats

YouTube link: Shauberger’s Vortex Log Flume defied academia and won

Machines, like Schauberger’s Implosion Turbines work according to the spiraling rhythmic motions of nature (bio-mimicry). The vortex inside is like a pump that is expanding and contracting by compressing the scalar wave-fields of the atomic elements centripetally as they pass through them and simultaneously expanding them centrifugally as they exit. These motions produce energy from water or air without chemically (explosively) converting either into inferior products called toxic waste or air pollution. The air and water that pass through the implosion turbines undergo a transformation of size from their normal wave-fields to extremely compressed ones at the turbine’s vortex center (the fulcrum point of the organic vacuum) and back again to normal size as they exit the turbine.  This sets up an equal, but unbalanced rhythmic interchange of perpetual generation and regeneration, simulating the processes which power our Universe and give it, it’s form. 

Schauberger’s Repulsine Implosion Turbine

YouTube link: Spiral Vortex Technology 

YouTube link: Free Energy denial is the real reason UFO viewers are called quacks

at 5:35 not the natural reaction to observing these craft, “they don’t use fuels”, which would mean the end of the energy barons war mongers and central bankers running this fake world and controlling humanity through endless lies an deception. Note also in this vid they are searching for a storage mechanism which these craft use for energy, when Implosion Turbines supply power on demand, no fuels necessary, no storage necessary. This demonstrates the extreme power of Implosion in opposition to barbaric explosion based technolgies

More Proof at 4:50

The temperature differences due to internal friction (the outer casing) in these implosion turbines and the much cooler vortex center, sets up more imbalance and the molecular sorting by weight due to centrifugal and centripetal motions adds more still, so that a rhythmical imbalance is ravenously seeking to balance itself by sucking in more air or water to relieve it’s excited condition of imbalance.  There is also a process of atomic transformation which takes place as the atmospheric and aqueous elements interact with each other in this artificial environment of extreme speed and compression. This is the most energetic process at work and the most difficult to account for  according to contemporary academic “thought”, if we can call it that. This process produces enormous amounts of bio-magnetic levity (outward push) which streams upward in the opposite direction of the imploding vortices. 

Schauberger’s Technology exploited by Hitler

Google video link: The Secrets of the Third Reich

YouTube link: Viewing this Nazi designed technology with Gen. 3 Night Vision Goggles 

YouTube link: The Nazi Bell Documentary

The sucking action of an implosion turbine is far more powerful than  the explosive action of an internal combustion engine of the same scale. “The enormous power of suction or the forces of implosion which, according to the research of Prof. Felix Ehrenhaft, who helped Viktor Schauberger  periodically, are 127 times more powerful than explosive forces”. (Living Energies, Pg.275)

A  Nazi VRIL-7, with Military Planes, circa 1945

YouTube link: Germany’s Flying Saucers

YouTube link: Nazi Flying discs acknowledged

YouTube link: Nazi Flying Discs and Saucers of WWII

YouTube link: The Vril Society, flying implosion discs of Schauberger’s design

There is no resistance to the implosion turbine’s  velocity as it’s speed increases from the internal imbalances which are greatly amplified by it’s vortex producing architecture. The doomed internal combustion engine is met with a resistance to it’s velocity which is squared with the increase in velocity and therefore is a failed system as a result of it’s backward design, which steals from nature to push against  her, while she squares her resistance, pushing back, the faster we accelerate our doomed, fuel exploding contraptions. 

Schauberger’s Submarine design with a Tesla Bladeless Turbine for Implosion

The rotational velocity of the longitudinal axis of the implosion turbine can be braked by a generator to produce electricity for conventional power distribution with far greater efficiency than our present wasteful system of exploding fuel to get a fraction of it’s potential energy in the form of usable power. The levity of the flowing bio-magnetism created by the implosion turbine can like wise be used to counter gravity’s inward pull and perform a staggering amount of work for mankind without creating any of the various forms of noxious pollution produced by academic methods. At the same time, an implosion turbine requires no combustible, “scarce” and “high priced” fuel as an energy source, because it uses it’s medium for the catalyst to produce energy, whether the turbine operates in air or water. No fuel=no energy barons!

Electro-Magnetic Vortex Propulsion-Repulsion-Levitation

YouTube link: Antigravity is Real

YouTube link: The ex-Prime Minister of Canada admits to the UFO coverup

YouTube link: Electro gravitics, supressed by aircraft industry since the 50’s

YouTube link: The suppressed Secret of Anti-Gravity explained and produced

YouTube link: Energy inventions & the patent office’s suppression for the el-ite

YouTube link: Steven Spielberg UFO documentary from a 1977 Whistle Blower

another video falsely censored by youtube

 it reveals that the air-force was teaching “The Electric Universe Paradigm” in 1962  and before, back into the early 50’s to cadet’s in it’s secret flying saucer schools, run by the nefarious and very evil, edward teller. It is proof of the suppression of free energy technologies for military control. It also names the main players and the role of the illuminati is clearly stated by whistle blower, Stan Deyo, 30 year ago.

YouTube link: Steven Spielberg UFO documentary- New Link

Unlike internal combustion systems which produce less energy than the fuel they consume, Implosion turbines require no fuel and therefore are “over-unity”, free energy machines by nature. They will be the technological salvation of humanity and the world as a whole, once they are declassified by the nsa/cia/aec/dod/ and released to the public. Due to the urgency of the environmental landslide facing us presently, they will need to be released immediately, or else!  

Just imagine what you could do with all of the money you are currently wasting on fuel, every time you “fill up” with gasoline/diesel sold at top dollar by “w/cheney” and their group of energy shyster cohorts, who are currently sucking the life out of this planet, so that they may profit exponentially from this corporate rigged tragedy. Imagine what you could do with the hard earned money being thrown away every time you pay your outrageously expensive utility bill or when you fill up your gluttonous “tank”. (This site was written three years before gas went to $4.50 a gallon!)





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